Neighborhood Allies

Privé served as a creative though partner and content creator for Pittsburgh Non-Profit Neighborhood Allies

Project overview

Privé created a new branding look for Neighborhood Allies and RISE HIGH with a new logo and branding outline. In conjunction with our branding efforts, we curated and executed 6 content shoots to create social media content and visual narratives for their initiatives. To bring our creative efforts full circle, Privé also helps strategize the distribution of the Neighborhood Allies quarterly newsletter.

Shad Henderson

Director of Equity and Inclusion, Neighborhood Allies

"Working with Privé is always an easy and creative process. They really put maximum effort into each stage of the creative process."

The privé way

What we did

Privé Management Group re-designed the RISE HIGH logo for Neighborhood Allies, curate photo and video content, and create a marketing strategy for their quarterly newsletter and social media posting.


Video Assets


Photo Assets


Tenure Length (months)

Project approach

Our approach was to focus on the deep-rooted mission of Neighborhood Allies and bring it to a visual perspective. Telling the stories of those who need to be heard, while marketing the resources and ability of Neighborhood Allies. Accomplishing this through strategic videography that depicts exactly who they want to serve and reach in an authentic way.
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