A collection of work by Privé for Bridgeway Capital and its Entrepreneurship Hub that is focused on providing services to small business owners in Pittsburgh, PA

Project overview

Privé Management Group serves as a creative consultant for Bridgeway Capital through its entrepreneurship hub. We provide content creation, web design, marketing plans, and business plans.

Maria Brown

Entrepreneurship Manager, Bridgeway Capital

"Privé has provided our clients with so much value and knowledge. They have done amazing work form top to bottom."

The privé way

What we did

Privé provided marketing and branding services through social media ad campaigns, social media content strategies, graphic design, photography, and videography.


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Project approach

We take a 1 on 1 approach with each client to figure out what their true needs are for their business. We want to maximize our opportunity with each client to best serve them with the proper service. Being able to build a cohesive relationship with our clients helps generate authentic marketing results.
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